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AAt The Indimi Youth Empowerment Scheme we engage with the young people of Nigeria at grassroots level to give them a helping hand towards a fulfilling life and the opportunity to build themselves a career and financial stability. It focusses on the underprivileged and often neglected members of society who who have no means to achieving this opportunity on their own due to circumstances. The skills and training programs are wide ranging and will equip the individual to carry on in their chosen trade or profession in the future. Alongside the existing plans we are working on other skills training and initiatives with one aim in mind, to give opportunity and change people's lives for the better in Nigeria.

A key partnership in building these plans for the future is the projects links with HomeDetox. Already fully established in other African countries, they are anticipating a launch of Homedetox Nigeria very soon and this opens up opportunities for the young people of Nigeria to access treatment for substance use if necessary. Addiction and Poverty issues, engrained in generations of families exist in this country but handled in a sensitive manner this will give everyone a chance regardless of the situation that they find themselves in, even if that situation appears hopeless.

Jibrilla IndimiThe Scheme is headed up by Jibrilla Indimi, a prominent business man in Nigeria in his own right as well as being an integral part of the family business. This Scheme is a shining example of his ethos of wanting to help people who are not as fortunate to succeed in life and his passion shines through when talking to him about everything he does. He simply says about the Scheme, ‘I love this country and just want to do all I can to help the people in it’.

Simon Turner, the clinical director of Homedetox had this to say about the link up –

‘Personally I love the work that The Indimi Youth Empowerment Scheme is doing, there is nothing like it. For our part, the opportunity to expand to other countries and work on projects that provide help and support to young people with addictions without shunning them is priceless, especially being able to offer treatment to people with no means of paying for themselves.
Let’s level the playing field, let’s give everyone in Nigeria an equal chance at a new and fulfilled life!’

Thank you everyone for your support and keep visiting us for regular updates.

Kind Regards

The Indimi Youth Empowerment Team.


Umar Gutti

April 10, 2015at 8:38 pm

A greater percentage of our youths who need to be empowered are illiterates. In as much as youths need empowerment, I think a great deal of work needs to be done to create awareness in them so that they would be motivated to know the benefits and identify with the scheme.

Our youths need to know how to identify the natural skill in them, improve on it and make a living out of it. There is no free food even in free land!



April 12, 2015at 8:19 am

Great! We hope this initiative be pioneered in the North-East, as the youth here, due to high level of poverty and considerable levels of substance addiction, are vulnerable to be used as anti-social elements.

musa hamza abbas

April 19, 2015at 5:37 am

slm da farko de ina maku fatan Allah yayi maku jagora Allah ya amsa addu’a yayi wa zuriyar ku Albarka ‘ Allah yataima keka jibril.

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